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We are on a mission to build the tools that make cyberspace freer and fairer for everyone.

Our substrate is Arweave: The permanent, decentralized web stored inside a scalable blockchain.

We incubate the best builders and founders to create an entirely new class of web services on Arweave that provably respect users
rights. We offer an evironment tailored to help you focus on what matters most: building. From zero to market fit. 

Projects we are currently incubating include:

	ar://alex	Archiving is a public good. Allowing people access to information about the past enables them to make higher
			quality decisions in the present. Currently, however, archiving is insufficiently incentivized: The person 
			that stores the data -- which other's can later access without charge -- is the person that has to pay.
			Alex changes this. By allowing its community to become micro-sponsors of digital artifacts, an incentive is
			created for developers and creators to publically archive great digital works on Arweave.

	ar://facts	The web radically changed the availability of information in society. Along with the incredible improvements
			this change triggered, we now suffer a different problem: Too much information, not enough truth. Permafacts 
			protocol is a simple system that allows anyone to attach a truthiness market to any piece of data -- in any 
			app -- on the permaweb. These markets incentivize participants to trade on their perception of how true and
			relevant a piece of data is. As a byproduct of this mechanism, permaweb users now have access to helpful 
			market-derived assessments of the trustworthiness of data, anywhere on the web.

	ar://stamps	Stamps is a universal protocol for content curation. Similar to a 'like' button, stamps can be used by 
			developers to highlight and rank great content, while enabling users to express their opinions. Unlike 
			traditional 'likes', stamps also yield a tradable reward for the creator's whose content is popular on the
			permaweb. Subsequently, the Stamps protocol generates an incentive to create, upload, and share great 
			content on the permaweb.

If you are a builder that dreams of a more open, fair future on the web, we want to work with you.

Arweave devs will find the instructions to reach us manifested in this site.